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Towerborne Weapons – Warclub

Hand-drawn picture of a stylized warclub.
Crimson Smasher Warclub – What A Beauty!


Hello Aces and adventurers, and welcome!

Today we continue our look at the various weapon types in Towerborne. Last week we examined Sword and Shield, and if you missed that, you can find that article here. This week we look at Warclub.

Weapon Fantasy:
  • Slow paced moveset
  • Big damage but needs to be earned
  • Crowd control with lots of Multi-Target attacks
  • Damage over time by Lighting Enemies on Fire


Warclub is the slowest weapon in the game but it packs a major punch–including lighting enemies on fire at the end of a successful combo. Most players should be able to pick up and play this weapon with relative ease.

Animated gameplay with a player hitting cartoonish enemies.

Due to the slow speed of the moveset, many bigger attacks have a passive skill called Grit. This is a temporary “stability” passive that is active for the duration of the skill, allowing players to ignore any blockable attacks from enemies. In short, while other weapons require a bit more finesse when attacking, Warclub wades into the thick of it and doesn’t care.


Animated player pounding weapon on ground creating yellow visual effects to appear.
Heat Guage

Warclub has a unique mechanic of its own called the Heat Gauge, whereby a player can repeatedly press the Weapon Mechanic button during combat to “charge” their Weapon Meter. Doing so will leave the player open to enemy attacks. Once fully charged, pressing the button again will activate Heat Mode and, for a limited time, all attacks will apply Burn on hit. Advanced players can cancel the recovery frames of any attack by pressing the Weapon Mechanic button which will grant them a significant boost to the Heat Gauge.


Let’s take a look at 3 Focus Skills of the Warclub


Animated gameplay with a player hitting cartoonish enemies spinning them up into the air.
Crimson Uppercut

Sometimes you need an attack that breaks up the aggressive onslaught of enemies, and the Crimson Uppercut does just that. With a flaming spinning leap, you’ll sweep up the unlucky foes, set them ablaze, and combo into some aerial damage.

  • Close 360° Area of Effect
  • Launches Enemies
  • Ignites Enemies


Animated gameplay with a player hitting cartoonish enemies making them fly backward.
Mountain Splitter

Other times, you’re looking for simple inspirations. This one is, “Big stick go SMASH” and go “SMASH” it does. The initial impact will do significant damage to mobs directly in front of the player and then unleash a line of multiple seismic impacts that travel out from the initial point of contact.

  • Heavy Initial Damage
  • Multiple Hits
  • Linear Attack for Moderate Range


Animated gameplay with a player spinning in a circle hitting cartoonish enemies.
Seething Cyclone

Referred to as “Spin-to-Win” within Stoic, the Seething Cyclone is a classic. This is one of the few Focus Skills where the player can actually remain in motion over the duration of the attack, allowing them to break up multiple enemy attacks.

  • 360° Attack with Directed Movement
  • Duration-Based Attack with Multiple Hits 


So there’s your look at Warclub, a weapon that’s designed to manifest the concept of “brute force.” There are more Focus Skills available for the Warclub, and we can’t wait for you to see them for yourselves!

Until next time,

Farewell and fight well, Aces!