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What lies behind the walls of the Belfry in Towerborne?

Towerborne - The Forge

Hello Aces and adventurers, and welcome!

In Towerborne, the Aces are the vanguard of humanity as they attempt to reclaim the world from a mysterious calamity. Along with the rest of the surviving humans, they make their home in a tower known as the Belfry, a last refuge, from the monsters of the world and mysterious antagonists of our story.

Towerborne - The Belfry Market 2

But, what exactly is the Belfry and what does it mean for you, the player?

Well as for “What is the Belfry”, all I can say at this point is it’s a big giant tower with a bell designed by a myyyyysteeeeerious individual (ooooo, MYSTERY!).

What? Not descriptive enough?

Fine, fine! Think of the Belfry as a sort of a forward operating base for the Aces to deploy from as they scour the world for answers to their calamity. On Day 1 of Towerborne, the Belfry will be where you meet with other Aces, gather supplies, receive quests, engage with story elements, improve your equipment, and enjoy the gorgeous view. I’ve been told you don’t need a jacket, the wind “isn’t that bad”.

Hmmm, I’m not too sure about that last bit. Maybe pack one just in case!

Towerborne - The Belfry Market

The main playable area of the Belfry comprises a few key locations an Ace might want to know about: the Counsel Building, Ace HQ, the Forge, the Training Hall, the Facewright, and the Overlook. While an Ace can visit all of these areas at their leisure, some of them have practical opportunities for the player, while others have NPCs you can engage with to learn more about what is going on and how you’ve ended up here. Let’s take a quick look at each of the aforementioned areas.


The Counsel Building

This is the place where things get done. Well, maybe not practically, but definitely a lot of arguing gets done here. Regardless, this is where the big decisions get made and where you’ll meet Krafft and Ogden–we’ll talk about our various persons of interest in the next post. For now, you’ll find yourself coming back to the Counsel Building to report on the progress you and your friends have made exploring the world, and to undertake new adventures. Why, it’s almost like a veritable hub. Of, you know, quests! Like, a quest hub! Very exciting.


Ace HQ

Do Aces dream of electric gobos? I don’t know. Honestly, I’ve never even asked the question, but if they do, they do when they’re resting at the Ace Headquarters. This is where you’ll meet Paloma, and learn more about being an Ace. You’ll also meet Ryx there… sorta. She relates a bit more to Umbra than Aces, but she’s around. Either way, this is another key location where you will find some key quests to unlock more of the mysteries of the world. Did I use the word “key” enough?


The Forge

The Forge is where you bake cakes and take afternoon tea. Ah, I see your expectations have been appropriately subverted! But, alas, I only tease. The Forge is exactly what you would expect: a place where you will be able to improve your weapons and your gear over the course of your adventure. We aren’t going too deeply into how the Forge works just yet, but suffice it to say, you’ll find the place quite useful and it will quickly become an integral part of your progression journey.

Towerborne - The Forge

The Training Hall

Honestly, what player hub in an action game would be truly complete without the quintessential Training Hall? I mean, you’ve found some awesome weapons and you definitely want to try out those fancy new combos, but why go to the map and risk death when you can hang out in the Training Hall and speculate on the highest damage rotation of your latest theorycrafted build? Yes, for the new player and the advanced alike, the Training Hall will provide you with a place of safety to learn your combat moves, test your build, or even just practice combos on real, but ineffectual, enemies.

Towerborne - The Training Hall

The Facewright

You’ve already seen an early peek at our customization system and what it contains. The Facewright continues to be improved and new options are constantly being added as I write this. Nevertheless, the Facewright is where you can find Mirror. Mirror the NPC, not a mirror upon which you gaze. Although, you can actually gaze upon Mirror as a mirror. BUT I DIGRESS! You’re not here to chat, you’re there for “flexin’ drip,” as I’m so fond of saying. Okay, so I don’t really say that, but the sentiment is valid. One thing we love about what we’re doing is giving you the unlimited ability to change your look at any time. No joke, Ace! You don’t have to buy a “beauty pass” or earn a “makeover token” to switch up your vibe. Just mosey on over to the Facewright and show the world who you want to be, today!

Towerborne - Facewright

The Overlook

Finally, the Overlook. I mean, you are on a tower–way, way, up on a tower! What kind of developers would we be if we didn’t have an Overlook? I mean, how could we possibly overlook an Overlook? Yikes, okay, I’ll stop. The Overlook is a place to just enjoy the view. There’s a lot going on in the world and sometimes you just need to stand above it all, take a deep breath, and vibe with the universe. What better place than at the top of humanity’s world?

Towerborne - The Overlook

There you go: the layman’s guide to the first major area of the Belfry! While there are always more details to reveal over time, this is what we’ll be starting out with at launch. We will continue to expand the space as time goes on, and, well, who knows what little mysteries you might be able to discover in the future!

For now, I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek, and we look forward to seeing you on the Belfry and in the world of Towerborne.

Farewell and fight well, Aces!

Daniel McLaren – Game Director 

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