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Friends of the Ace: Meet Some of Towerborne’s Most Important Characters


Hello again, Aces and adventurers, and welcome to another peek at the Belfry!

This time we shall be introducing you to a few of the delightful denizens. Don’t expect these few to be the only ones you will encounter, but as a new Ace, these will be some of the first you meet.



A being made of light purple crystal in triangles and diamonds, wrapped in red and violet robes with gold accents.

Mirror is an incredibly powerful Umbra who has supported Wolfram’s family with her counsel for generations. She is an expert on the mysterious connection points between the Ebb (the realm where spirits reside) and the Shore (the physical realm) – so much so that, when partnered with Paloma, she can bring an Ace back from the dead… but not without consequence.



A man with brown skin and a grayed mustache wearing a blue hat, a tan tunic, a blue coat, leather boots and a belt. Another image of him without the hat shows him with locs pulled back into a ponytail.

Wolfram is the former leader of the City of Numbers and is now the leader of the Belfry. He is proud of the things he and his family have accomplished over the generations – his ancestors founded the City of Numbers. He feels guilty the City fell during his leadership and believes he needs to pass the mantle over to Paloma, but is uncertain about burdening his daughter with the weight of leadership. Wolfram is confident but overprotective of his strong, capable daughter.



A young woman with brown skin and voluminous dark brown hair, standing confidently with an oversized blue coat over her shoulders.

Paloma is Wolfram’s daughter, and was supposed to take over as leader of the City of Numbers before the city fell. She is currently leading the Aces on the Belfry with her unique power – bringing Aces back from the Ebb (with Mirror’s help, of course). Paloma wants to do everything in her power to rebuild humanity and foster a strong relationship with the Umbra. 



A small, bipedal creature with white tufted fur, wearing red samurai-like gear and holding a sword longer than it is tall.

Courage is another long-lived Umbra whose bravery outmatches his size. Courage is the first of his kind to believe Umbra and humans working together is mutually beneficial and has been training humans to fight for centuries. Courage is excited by the prospect of humanity’s newfound power in the Aces.



A military-looking man with red hair and an elegant beard, wearing a cape over a blue commander's uniform. One of his arms is in a sling; the other is holding a staff. On either side of him, in monochrome, there are images of him looking dejected and roaring in anger.

This battle-hardened general truly cares about his band of soldiers, mentoring and inspiring them. Krafft has a deep distrust of any technology, or human, that taps into the power of the Ebb. Thus he is reluctant to fully trust the relationship Aces have with Umbra. However, after witnessing Wolfram’s sacrifices to save the people, he has kept his skepticism to himself.



A young woman with light gray skin and black hair, wearing brown stealth gear and carrying a knife. Beside her floats a flowerlike, magenta and green creature with angry eyes.

Ryx likes Umbra much more than people, but that does not mean she is unwilling to help the Aces who have returned from the dead. Every Ace brought back from the Ebb loses their memory, and Ryx helps them reconnect with Umbra with whom they have bonded. Ryx’s only true friend is the Umbra Nightshade. Together they are slowly working to unravel the mystery of her past life before she was brought back from the Ebb.



A large, muscular man wearing leather, fur-trimmed gear lined with all kinds of forge tools. In one hand he holds a hammer; in another hand, he holds a burning sword in between his thumb and forefinger. Beside him, in monochrome, is an image of him smiling broadly.

Bumble is ever the optimist, able to make anyone smile. An expert of the Forge, and all things crafted, Bumble was commissioned to oversee the building of the Belfry by a mysterious benefactor, and has since been focused on supporting the Aces and their off-tower adventures. In spite of being very busy, he always finds time to pull a few pranks on family and friends.


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